Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gricers Heaven. 24th November 1979

A year later we attempted a similar trip, but this time running from Euston. Woodhead again, but this time with the incredibly old Class 76 electrics and a short section in Tinsley with a Class 13.

The trip was a nightmare for BR, quite fun for us! Somehow the vacuum brakes on the rake were dragging and they kept killing the engines.

81 016 to Lime Street was fine, then 40 188 which failed between Huyton and St Helens Jnc. 25 198 came on at the rear and got us to Manchester Victoria. 25 242 managed to get us to Guide Bridge where 76 027/28 double headed over Woodhead without problem.

We were now over an hour late so missed Tinsley and the 13 altogether causing some consternation amongst the, Ahem... More focused of us! Back over Woodhead with the 76's.... Oh! Yes I have been over 3 times:-) Then 25 070 and 056 which were promptly knackered after Lostock! Eventually limped into Preston hours late. 85 033 getting us home at 12.30.

Strange thing is I was still only in my mid teens and cannot for the life of me remember how I got home. Dumped in London after midnight, last train home gone. One of my friends Father was on the board of BP at the time and once at least his chauffeur drove us home... We piled in like sardines! Probably this was the day as it would have topped things off very well.

All the photo's of my first two trips gone in a sea of old negatives somewhere. Nitwit!